• A Set of Fifteen Books

  • A set of 15 Pictures to Share books offers people with dementia a choice.  They can select something that is of particular interest to them. The set includes the latest titles 'Spending Time Indoors', 'Spending Time Ouside', 'Inessential Things - Poems and Pictures', 'Strength for The Journey',  'Travelling', 'Shopping', 'Pets', 'Beside the Seaside', 'A Funny Old World' - New Edition, 'Family Life', 'A World of Work', 'Childhood Days', 'A Sporting Life', 'In The Garden' and  'Proverbs and Sayings',
    These books will provide an enjoyable activity.
    We include two complimentary DVDs of still images set to music.

    The books can be enjoyed by anyone with or without dementia.  The books work well when the person with dementia no longer recognizes family photographs, and is less able to hold a conversation, the books can provide an enjoyable activity
    Postage is £4.00 for a set of 16 books
  • £140.00

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  • When I'm looking at the books with Mum, I feel we are communicating more as we used to, before dementia developed.