• In the garden in pictures

  • In the Garden in pictures is like stepping outside for a breath of fresh air.  Bright and detailed images of flowers and garden wildlife bring the beauty of nature indoors to be enjoyed all year round.

    The books can be enjoyed by anyone with or without dementia.  The books work well when the person with dementia no longer recognizes family photographs, and is less able to hold a conversation, the books can provide an enjoyable activity.

    The success of our books in enhancing the quality of life for those with dementia has been independently recognised by their inclusion on the prestigious
    Reading Well Books on Prescription Scheme in 2015.
    Full colour and black and white, large format (250mmx285mm) 48 page hardback.
    ISBN 978-0-9553940-5-8

    £10.00 per book
    P & P - £2.00 per book up to 3 books and £4.00 over 3 books

    "The first book I purchased was 'In the Garden'.  I enjoy looking at the books as it makes my visits more entertaining to have something to talk about which I know won't upset or disturb my mum"
  • £10.00 £20.00

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  • When I'm looking at the books with Mum, I feel we are communicating more as we used to, before dementia developed.