Dementia and the problems it causes

When people develop dementia it may be because of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease or a variety of other conditions. As the dementia becomes more severe, many things that an individual used to enjoy become too confusing and challenging.

This includes watching TV and reading books, magazines and newspapers. Even the pictures on their living room walls may become meaningless to them, and difficult to interpret.

What do we do to help

Since 2005 we at Pictures to Share have been investigating and researching how the right pictures can benefit people with mid to late stage dementia. We have shown how the right pictures can help family and carers continue to communicate with those with advanced dementia in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

Pictures to Share products only feature pictures that are more likely to be understood and enjoyed by people with dementia. They are simple, clear and often colourful, with no confusing backgrounds or content that is difficult to interpret. They are chosen because they provide an opportunity for telling stories or for linking in to themes that the person with dementia will recognize. Most of all they are powerful and beautiful pictures.

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We make no assumptions about the readers of our picture books. They may love art and poetry, they may be interested in sport, they may enjoy the countryside or prefer the city, they may have spent holidays in Blackpool or in India. They may be 30, 40 or 100 years old. But they all need to have books that make reading and looking at picture books an enjoyable experience.

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