Welsh Resources Pack – can you help?

We have recently received funding from 'Big Lottery Fund Wales' to produce a bilingual resource pack, which will include a Book, DVD and picture cards for those living with dementia particularly for those whose first language is Welsh.  When someone with Welsh as a first language has dementia they will often lose the ability to communicate in English, increasing their sense of isolation and frustration.  This pack will allow care homes, hospitals, public libraries, carers and families to reminisce and communicate through the medium of Welsh.  By improving the quality of communication those living with dementia can feel ‘heard’ enabling them to communicate their needs more effectively, improving relationships and promoting better care.

With this survey we are trying to gather as much information about growing up in Wales, stories and poetry that parents passed onto their children and family traditions which will have been passed on from generation to generation.

We will use the feedback in this survey to ensure the book, DVD and picture cards reflect Wales and those that live there including their memories and history.

Please click here to complete the survey in English.

Please click here to complete the survey in Welsh.

We really appreciate your time and value your opinions and thoughts.

If you don't want to complete the survey online but would still like to let us know your opinions please email michelle@picturestoshare.co.uk