The benefits of our books within a hospital setting

When someone with dementia is admitted to hospital, they often become frightened, confused, frustrated and anxious. They may also be unable to communicate effectively with staff. These problems can lead to them behaving in ways that may be difficult for staff to understand or deal with.

"The books appealed to me because of the quality of the pictures and the concept of their use.  The books are used to provide simulation and sometimes as distraction for our patients  with short-term and chronic confusion.  The books are also currently being used by our group of volunteers as a ‘conversation-starter’ whilst they talk with our patients." - Ward Manager, Lancashire

Pictures to Share books help staff engage with people who may have quite severe dementia. The books can provide a focus that the person with dementia can relate to. They provide a distraction from distressing feelings and events taking place around them. The books can help staff to understand the level of dementia that someone may have and also to understand something about the personality of the individual.

For any more information about how Pictures to Share can help improve your hospital environment for people with dementia, contact Helen or Michelle on 01829 770024 

Below is small selection of hospitals which have purchased our books:

Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Nottingham University Hospital, Monnow Vale Day Hospital, Addenbrooks Hospital, Countess of Chester Hospital, Oxleas NHS Trust, Walton Hospital, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

The award winning Bradford Teaching Hospitals also purchased our books to use within their dementia wards.