Pictures to share books make beautiful Presents for people with Alzheimer's

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Pictures to Share books make perfect presents for someone with Alzheimer's. When someone has Alzheimer's they find it difficult to understand the world and to communicate with family, friends and carers. Our books help prompt meaningful conversation about a wide range of subjects, but can also be enjoyed even when the person with Alzheimer's is no longer able to talk. 

Using the books can improve mood, relieve depression and calm agitation, providing an opportunity to enjoy shared time together with friends, family or carers.

“My mother was immediately engaged by the books, and they are a great distraction when things are happening such as chiropody that she doesn’t enjoy. She reads all the text out loud and spontaneously returns to the books to read them again.”



 “I purchased two books to try with my father.  He has dementia and it was difficult to engage him in conversation. I took the two books on my next visit and I chose one. We started to look at it, helping him to turn the pages.  It was an hour of chat, laughs and fun! He smiled, pointed to pictures and text, read some of the words and touched odd pictures very tenderly. When a carer came into the room to get him ready for tea, he said “Oh Dear! We haven’t finished the book.” I left him, reassuring him we would read the books again – as we have. I was in tears sitting outside in my car; I have found my Dad again, within that hour. Thank you.”  

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About Pictures to Share

Pictures to Share Community Interest Company is a social enterprise that was established in 2005 to produce visual media for people with mid to late stage dementia, whether this is caused by Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Vascular problems, or a range of other conditions. Our products can also help those who have suffered a stroke or those with learning disabilities. By researching and developing a range of picture books, films and pictures for the walls, we offer people an alternative to the complex, confusing and fast paced style of modern media.
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