Reminiscence Therapy

Reminiscence therapy is one of the most popular interventions in dementia care. There is some evidence to suggest reminiscence leads to improvement in cognition, behavioural functioning and depression among individuals with dementia.

Pictures to Share books books puts the individual with dementia back in control. Images and text have been chosen through thorough research and testing, and have been designed to trigger personal interests. Allowing the individual to steer the direction of reminiscence. The books allow people with dementia to enjoy time with their carers and relatives, helping to alleviate problems of depression, boredom and isolation associated with Dementia.

“My mother’s concentration is poor and intellectual capacity greatly diminished, but she had a better response to this than anything else.”

“The Pictures to Share books have become a central part of our dementia cafes. Each table holds a book and people are encouraged to look through the books and use a picture as a conversational thread – often without prompting people initiate conversation and their memories or understanding of the pictures.”

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About Pictures to Share

Pictures to Share Community Interest Company is a social enterprise that was established in 2005 to produce visual media for people with mid to late stage dementia, whether this is caused by Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Vascular problems, or a range of other conditions. Our products can also help those who have suffered a stroke or those with learning disabilities. By researching and developing a range of picture books, films and pictures for the walls, we offer people an alternative to the complex, confusing and fast paced style of modern media.
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