Customer Feedback about the Pictures to Share books

Book - Pets in Pictures, Amazon Review

"My husband who has vascular dementia enjoyed the book and it looks likely he will continue to look/read it again and again. This was my hope, thus I am very pleased. The book was in very good shape, delivered on time, and I'm pleased I bought it."

Book - A Funny Old World, from a carer within a care home

"I have never seen a book with so few words evoke such emotionally positive reactions, well done."

Book - A Sporting Life in Pictures, Amazon Review

"I purchased this book after reading the good reviews and I would say it is worth every penny. The book has been shared with lots of people in my carehome and we have had many laughs and good chats about peoples experiences playing and watching sport and how looking at the book brings to life some stories otherwise unheard before.Nice and clear and not at all patronising to use with people who can't enjoy more complicated books."

“I came across your books in a bookshop and bought them for Bill, my Dad, who lives with me, is 91 and has dementia. He used to love reading but has lost all interest and the ability to make sense even of illustrations. I had tried children’s books but they were clearly not of interest. Your books absolutely fascinate him. He reads them every day and shows everyone who visits. The carers read through them with him daily and his depression is lifting. He says he feels ‘normal’ again now he can read.

“I was impressed by how much pleasure Mum got from the books. Conversation flowed more easily when we were looking at the pictures and I was reading the words. It was remarkable that Mum, even when she became very weak physically, was able to benefit from your books until just before her death. When I was looking at the books with her, I felt as though we were communicating more as we used to, before dementia developed. You have devised a valuable means of communication for people with dementia and the people who look after them.”

“I purchased two books to try with my father resident in a care home. He has dementia and it was difficult to engage him in conversation. I took the two books on my next visit and I chose one. We started to look at it, helping him to turn the pages.  It was an hour of chat, laughs and fun! He smiled, pointed to pictures and text, read some of the words and touched odd pictures very tenderly. When a carer came into the room to get him ready for tea, he said “Oh Dear! We haven’t finished the book.” I left him, reassuring him we would read the books again – as we have. I was in tears sitting outside in my car; I have found my Dad again, within that hour. Thank you.”

“My Aunt now finds conversation very difficult. These books stimulated an emotional response and long buried memories and she talked more coherent sentences than she has for months.”

“It is very difficult to find anything to motivate or stimulate my mother. Your books have helped tremendously and I feel less stressed when going through the books with her because its new ground and brings a fresher approach from me. I tried going through old personal photos but these upset her.”

“The joy and pleasure these books have brought my Dad is simply tremendous, and it is a complete shock to us that he can still read.”

“My mother’s response to the books was amazing. We sat together on the settee and Mum turned the pages with great interest. In her limited way she made comments and expressions, even picking out the occasional word. Her overall mood during this session, which lasted half an hour, was of joy and laughter. It not only brought joy to her, but also to me and my father.”

“My Aunt who suffers from dementia and lives in residential care, now finds conversation very difficult. These books stimulated an emotional response (Pets) and long buried memories (The Seaside) and she talked more coherent sentences than she has for months. Thank you.”

“My mother was immediately engaged by the books, and they are a great distraction when things are happening such as chiropody that she doesn’t enjoy. She reads all the text out loud and spontaneously returns to the books to read them again.”

“My Mother is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. She cannot string two words together and I often think she doesn’t know who I am. Visits to her are now easier and more pleasurable for me. She can no longer read but she tries. The other day we had to read the verse of ‘Sea Fever’ together over and over again.”

“My relative enjoys reading and reciting rhymes. Before discovering your books we could only use children’s books. As your books are especially for people with dementia, they are ideal.”

“I visit my husband in a Nursing Home three or four times a week. I took in ‘Beside the Seaside’ on one of his better days. He just LOVED it and got real pleasure from it.”

“Thanks for providing something that gave Mum some calm, peaceful time to herself and some engagement with us. The books are clearly a source of pleasure. I look forward to seeing other titles.”

“My mother was immediately engaged by the books. She read all the text out loud and spontaneously returned to the books to read them again. She spends quite a lot of time trying to split pieces of paper and had a good go at the edges of the pages, but they were robust enough not to tear.”

“My mother gradually became calm, relaxed and interested in the books and we spent one and a half hours sharing them and recalling her memories from childhood. She previously read widely and it gave her great pleasure to ‘read’ the books. A big thank you from my family.”

“My mother’s concentration is poor and intellectual capacity greatly diminished, but she had a better response to this than anything else.”

“I bought the books for my father who has dementia. Even though we have only had them for a few days, they have already proved their worth. My mother has found that the carers enjoy using them, and they really help respite carers to break the ice. My father enjoys the pictures very much – we all do! I bought the books after reading the article in the Guardian and am so glad I did.”

“My mother particularly liked the space around the images and quotes. She said she liked the way the books seemed uncluttered. They’ve been a real hit!

What the professionals say…

“We have found that patients respond really positively to the books and thy are sometimes the one thing that they are able to, or want to engage with.  They can be used quite informally and are less ‘intimidating’ for staff less familiar with using structured activities as therapy.”
Rotherham, Doncaster & South Humber NHS Foundation Trust –
Assessment unit for clients with moderate to severe dementia

“I find that when all else fails, these books are invaluable.”

“When we have new clients to the Centre who are advanced in their dementia, we have found that the books are a useful tool to alleviate anxiousness and agitation.”

“In Bexley we bought your books to use with the housebound and those in sheltered accommodation. They are very popular and we keep being asked ‘are there any more?”   

“The Pictures to Share books have become a central part of our dementia cafes. Each table holds a book and people are encouraged to look through the books and use a picture as a conversational thread – often without prompting people initiate conversation and their memories or understanding of the pictures.”

“I work as an advocate for people with dementia and any clients I have used the books with appear to really enjoy them. They can be used as a way of opening up communication and talking about often sensitive subjects while looking through the books. I think they are an invaluable tool for anyone working in the dementia care setting.”

“Our residents continue to enjoy your fabulous books. One lady always says “Any books today?” as soon as she sees me. She loves to read the text out loud, it makes her feel very important. We all loved your newest book ‘Family Life’. We continue to use these books as a very valuable communication tool that appeals to many of our residents, not just those with dementia. Please keep them coming.”

“Residents that are very agitated and do not sit down for long have sat and looked at the books for long periods of time. Also residents that do not react to us have shown reactions to certain pictures. It’s allowed me to work with residents I’d previously struggled with.”

“We have purchased 2 sets of all the books you currently publish. We are absolutely delighted with them and the impact they have had on our residents.”

“These books are excellent on a ‘one to one’ basis and can calm down some difficult situations with our service users.”

“We are a 96 bedded nursing home for residential and EMI nursing. We find these books are a wonderful and amazing activity. The books unlock something in the client’s minds, so they can then share their memories with us. They create conversation where some clients would hardly communicate.”

“Whether it is image or words that stimulate response, we see the person empowered by the experience and the dementia fading from view, as these books work their magic.”

“My favourite activity tool!”     

“I have only had the books for a short while but I feel like I have discovered a magic formula for making the residents happy.”