• Childhood DVD


    "Mum is attracted to the visual images on a large screen, especially the DVD about Childhood. She is very attracted to sounds and the DVD soundtrack.  The DVD really gets Mum's attention and evokes many memories."


    "We have been able to offer the DVD as an activity for relatives to undertake with their loved ones. It is especially helpful in facilitating interaction between residents and grandchildren/young relatives."



    A film with still images and music that portrays the memories and delights of childhood. 

Designed as an alternative to the fast moving style of modern television, this film provides an accessible and enjoyable depiction of childhood past and present.
    This DVD contains a repeated 15 minute sequence of still images with two different sound tracks providing slightly different watching experiences.

    Total running time 30 minutes.

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  • £12.00

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  • When I'm looking at the books with Mum, I feel we are communicating more as we used to, before dementia developed.